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About Us has perfumes and aftershaves with low and discounted prices. The success of our online market is due to our ability to provide high quality products with very reasonable prices, and we still concentrate on a high level of service. Thus, has always delivered our customers a product instead of the customer goes to shop to find their fragrances at the best price. At we offer unbeatable prices and this is done by keeping overheads low. The customer is supplied his products without no shop or any middlemen as we take this advantage of supplying products to our customers directly.

Most of our products are store counter testers. At we do not have expensive packaging to throw in the bin so we have the ability to sell our fragrances at great discounts. Customers could buy 100 ml for the price of 50 ml in many cases. A wide selection from the popular designer perfumes and after shavings is what we provide at We also, provide Skin care products, including facial beauty home tips, creams, and also herbal natural skin care products for anti aging, acne and dry skin. These multiple selections of products are offered with reasonable and unbeatable prices.

What differentiate us is different services we offer. For example, in case you can’t find what you want and you want to wait, then we provide a waiting list and as soon as stock comes in we’ll contact you. But there’s no obligation to buy. Our products are sourced from all around the world, so our customers could find fragrances which are not available in US and even before they are launched in this country.

We made our efforts to improve our products, for instance we tend to make boxed fragrances in different sizes to accommodate those who want to have a large box and those who simply need small box to fit into their handbag.

We have also minis, which can be easily fit in into the handbag or pocket. This kind is not only good when you are out but also it’s ideal when you’re not sure if this fragrance if what you really want.


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